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Security Camera Kits


Security Camera Kits

Looking for a do it yourself security camera kit.  We have complete CCTV security camera kits that come with the CCTV cameras, the DVR, hard drive, power supply and cabling.  All of our systems are high resolution.  They are all based on current CCTV technologies so the cameras and DVR will interface with other CCTV manufacturers cameras and DVR’s if you wanted to upgrade later.  All of our analog systems use cameras that are at least 700TVL so you get maximum picture quality.  If you are having trouble with the install we can support you unlike other big stores that are just selling you a product.  If you would like a professional installation of your new security camera kit we can provide that for you.  We do both residential and commercial installations.  Get a security camera kit today and start monitoring your premises.

4 Camera DVR Kit


This Product Comes With:

4 Channel D1 Network DVR with 120fps

4 700TVL Bullet Cameras with Infrared Night Vision

500GB Hard Drive

4 Security Camera Cables

Power Supplies for DVR and Cameras