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NVR – Network Video Recorders


NVR (Network Video Recorder)

NVR stands for network video recorder.  NVR’s are used to record video from digital IP network security cameras.  IP cameras run on cat5 or cat6 network cabling.  They work similar to traditional analog security camera systems except that they can record in resolution much higher.  Most HD NVR security camera systems record in either 720P or 1080P which is 1.0 megapixel and 2.0 megapixel resolutions.  Higher end systems can record in 3 and 5 megapixel and some are even higher.  The resolution quality of HD is far greater than traditional analog CCTV security camera systems.  Have you ever seen an image in the newspaper of a robbery suspect and the image is so blurry you can’t tell whether it is even a man or a woman.  With HD the quality is many times greater.  It can be compared to watching an old fuzzy VCR tape or cable channel and then watching a Bluray movie.  Now when reviewing footage on your HD NVR you can read license plates from vehicles coming into a parking lot even when the camera is set to wide view.  You can also read product labels that are set on a counter and zoom in on faces and get a much clearer image than regular analog CCTV systems.

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