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HD-SDI DVR Recorders


HD-SDI DVR Systems

HD-SDI DVR’s record in 1080P Bluray quality.  Remember the days of the VCR and how much better and cleaner the picture was when DVD’s came onto the market.  Now we have Bluray HD video and the pictures on that are outstanding when compared to the VCR or even the DVD.  HD security camera systems are the same.  VCR quality can be compared to older CIF DVR and camera systems.  The cameras were usually 380 up to 420tvl and the DVR recorded in CIF which is 320X240.  Then D1 came out with cameras that were 480TVL up to 650TVL and better.  The DVR recorded in D1 which is 720X480 which is the same resolution as DVD.  Now we have HD.  HD-SDI DVR and camera systems use the same coax cabling that traditional security cameras used but it can produce 1080P Bluray quality.  HD-SDI DVR’s record in 1080P and the cameras are 2 megapixel and broadcast a resolution of 1920X1080.  The benefit of HD-SDI systems is that they can utilize existing cabling that is in place if the original cabling for the anlog CCTV system was proper RG59 coax cable with 18/2 power wire.  This makes upgrading to HD-SDI easier and cheaper because there is no need to run all new cabling.  All that needs to be upgraded is the DVR and the cameras.


HD-SDI 4 Channel DVR


Video Input/Output: BNC 4CH In / 1CH Out, VGA 1CH Out, HDMI 1CH Out
Audio Input/Output: RCA 4CH In/ 1CH Out
Alarm Input/Output: Alarm 4CH In/ 1CH Out
Compression Method: H.264
Real time recording support:
1920×1080 with 120 Fps (NTSC); 1920×1080 with 100 Fps (PAL) *Preview resolution:
1920×1080( NTSC ), 1920×1080 ( PAL );
Playback resolution: 4x1080P
Hexaplex operation simultaneously: Preview, recording, playback, and network live, backup, playback
1 RJ-45 Ethernet connector, Static, Dynamic IP and DDNS, Support Internet Explorer and special client software
Remote Control, PTZ, RS422, 2×USB, 1×IR Controller
2 SATA Hard Disk interface
Backup: USB2.0 and Network
Support remote view by Mobilephone
Dimensions (L×W×H): 405mm×325mm×65mm,, weight:6kg