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HD Antenna


HD Antenna

Hd Antennas come in all shapes and sizes.  Need some help picking the right one.  We have close to 50 years combined experience in the TV antenna industry.  We have tested over 30 digital hd antennas throughout Toronto and the GTA.  The hd antenna signal is very strong from Buffalo and Toronto across the GTA and we have found that a wide gain hd antenna works best.  Let us make the choice for you.  We know what hd antenna is the right one for your area whether you are downtown or outside of the city.

While we are there installing your hd antenna we offer other services as well.  We can setup your home theater system for you and run all of the cabling.  We can optimize your sound and picture for you.  We can configure your HDTV setup.

We also specialize in media systems so we can help you setup your Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku or other media system.

We also customer build media center systems and hdtv antenna PVR’s.  With our media systems you can store all of your pictures, music, videos and movies.  You can also pause and record from your HDTV antenna.

We offer installations and service of digital HD antennas in the areas of Toronto, the GTA, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmondhill, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Stouffville, Bowmanville, Port Hope, Cobourg, Port Perry, Uxbridge.

UHF/VHF Digital Antenna


We have tested over 30 antennas and we have found that this antenna time and time again always outshines the competition in and around the GTA.  From Brampton to Bowmanville, from Downtown to Uxbridge.  On average our customers get 20-30 channels with this antenna.  Stop paying for your overpriced satellite and cable TV and start watching crisp clear digital hdtv antenna signal.

Channel Master 8 Bay 4228HD

The  Channel Master 8 Bay Antenna is a high quality UHF HDTV Antenna optimized for digital off air antenna signals.  The bowtie bay technology and unique construction makes Channel Master one of the best antennas currently on the market for fringe and deep fringe areas.  Channel Master has over 30 years experience designing Antenna products for digital television reception. This antenna has a staggering 60 mile radius for UHF TV reception.

Channel Master’s model 4228HD Antenna also known as the Extremetenna can receive  digital and analog off air TV signals in the UHF band only (over 90% of  digital TV signals are in the UHF band). The 4228HD is optimized for “fringe”  and “Deep Fringe” reception of HDTV. Its efficient design is suitable for roof  and attic installations.
The 4228HD is classified as a Larger-sized Directional antenna.

Designed for High VHF and UHF   reception
UHF reception range: 60 miles
VHF reception range: 45 miles
Average   gain UHF (dB): 12.
Turning Radius: 20”
8-bay antenna   with steel dipoles
Number of Elements: 32
75 Ohm PC balun   built into antenna
Optimized for HDTV Signals
This is a Large Directional   antenna and yields a beam width of about 15 degrees
Good for High VHF 7 -13 as well as UHF   Band 14 – 69
High quality construction