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HDTV Antenna Mounts


TV Antenna Mounts

We have small basic tv antenna mounts and we have larger tripod mounts right up to antenna towers.  The antenna signal is coming from broadcast towers out of Toronto and Buffalo if you live in the greater Toronto area.  If you live in a good area without many obstructions then you can probably just install a basic j-mount.  If you have a trees then you may want to install a tripod to give you some height.  A tripod will normally give you at least 10ft higher off your roof.  The tripod is generally installed at the peak of the roof.  In cases where you are far from the broadcast towers, you are in a valley or have a lot of trees then an antenna tower might be needed.

Antenna Mount

For a small basic antenna mount use this small mount that will work with a variety of different antennas.  In cases where you want to hide the antenna off the back of the roof or if you want a versatile mount that can be attached to the roof, the wall or the chimney then this is the mount to use.  They come in 21″ and 39″.  The longer one is to give you extra height and is also recommended for grill type antennas like the Channel Master 8 bay.

Antenna Tripod

The antenna tripod is mounted at the peak of the roof.  The tripod mounts coem in 3ft, 5ft and 10ft heights.  A 3ft and 5ft tripod mount is great for giving you that little bit of extra height to maximize your signal.  Usually you use a 10ft mast inserted into the tripod.  The tripod mount is a great way to give you extra height to overcome obstructions from trees.

TV Antenna Tower

Do you need extra height to maximize your antenna signal.  We install TV antenna towers.  You can go as low as 20ft up to 60 or 70ft.  There are two types of tower.  Free standing towers which are usually 50-70ft high and tubular towers.  Tube towers need to be braced at the roof of the house and you generally should not go higher than about 1.5 sections above where the antenna is braced at the roof.  The antenna tower has a place for a 10ft mast so that you can install your TV antenna and other equipment on it.