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Antenna Amplifiers


HDTV Antenna Amplifiers

Distribution Amplifiers

Distribution amplifiers are used when you have experienced signal loss from splitting the antenna signal multiple times.  When splitting the antenna signal to feed multiple TV’s you will experience signal loss and possibly lose some channels.  The distribution amp will re-boost the signal so that your signal is back to normal and more stable.  A lot of the time if you have a channel that is cutting in and out a distribution amp will fix this.  A distribution amp is installed at the end of the antenna cable before your splitter.

Antenna Pre-amplifier

An antenna pre-amplifier is used to give you that extra bit of boost when you are far from the antenna broadcast towers or your live in an area with a lot of obstructions.  If you have an antenna and it doesn’t seem to pull in the channels you want then a pre-amplifier may be what you need.  The pre-amp comes with 3 parts a power injector, the pre-amp which installs up at the antenna and the booster which installs down at the bottom or end of the cable before you splitter or TV.  The booster sends power up to the pre-amplifier and boosts the signal where it is strongest at the antenna.

Distribution Amplifier

If you are splitting your antenna signal to feed multiple TV’s in your house then an antenna distribution amp is recommended


If you are far from the antenna broadcast towers or if you live in a poor area for signal then an antenna pre-amplifier is recommended